Dr Russak has made every effort to contract with local, regional and national health insurance programs.

He participates in Medicare and all Colorado Health Plans except Kaiser and some closed panel Affordable Care Act Plans.

Dr Russak, Katie and Renee will discuss insurance and payment options with you.  

The insurance companies we accept provide payment for many of the services we provide in our office, most of the medications prescribed and many of the specialists to whom we frequently refer patients for specialized care and surgery.  If you experience a problem with your insurance benefits or find yourself unable to cover the cost of your medications please chat with us about your concerns.  For prescription medications, we can try several workarounds:

  • The first is to see if a therapeutic equivalent exists that costs less and might be covered by your plan.
  • The second is to give you a prescription discount card that works at most pharmacies (more than 65,000 independent, chain and grocery story pharmacies participate in the program.)
  • The third is to contact the manufacturer and inquire about compassionate discount programs that most offer for their high cost products.


Dr Russak is a participating provider with many insurance plans and PPOs.

Your insurance plan covers benefits and treatments outlined in your benefit booklet.  Since every company's benefits can vary from plan to plan, employer to employer, we don't have copies of each one.  If you have a question about coverage call your health plan or Employee Benefits Specialist for clarification. If you need our assistance to explain a treatment plan, recommendation or prescription, please call us. Many times your Employee Benefits Specialist can arrange for an administrative override to approve what you need in extenuating circumstances.

We may be aware of other helpful resources you can tap to assistance. It all begins with a simple phone call.

We're here to help you. Call Renee at (303) 856-5989.